Vocal shame is the new prominent area of academic interest that should be on every singer’s radar.

Shame is such a powerful emotion that it can literally break your voice. For singers, that can cause a break in your career. Shame can interfere with singing studies or create problems with vocal technique.

Iris Seesjärvi, a voice teacher, soprano, and doctoral researcher, introduces her pioneering research work on how shame affects the voice.

In this book you can experience how already existing theories about shame shed light on the tabu subject of shame in the singing profession. Seesjärvi releases the initial findings of her academic study to a wider audience to help others experiencing the detrimental effects of shame. By reading her research on professional singers’ experiences of shame and how these experiences are interlinked with career development, the reader will find solutions to relieve the psychophysical pain and restrictive tension in the voice caused by shame.

Essential, informative, and enlightening reading for singers and educators alike.

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