The lecture on vocal shame explores the impact of shame on singing and musical expression. Additionally, it delves into various manifestations of shame in life. Many experience shame as feelings of inadequacy, inferiority, and unworthiness, which can be paralyzing and detrimental to self-confidence.

The lecture introduces strategies to mitigate the effects of shame on one’s abilities and life. It addresses questions such as: What is vocal shame? Who experiences shame? Does experiencing vocal shame correlate with singing ability? How does shame affect the body and, consequently, the voice? How are shame and performance anxiety related? How can one increase shame resilience, and is it possible to break free from shame’s grip?

The lecture is tailored to each specific audience, adjusting emphasis and perspective accordingly. It is suitable for those interested in singing, amateur singers, professional students (including both vocal and instrumental students), music school and university educators (with a focus on the impact of shame on learning), as well as professional musicians.

The lecture can also be conducted remotely via Zoom.