The workshop “Silenced by shame” deals with the emotion of shame and its blocking effect on human vocal and bodily expression. The workshop is aimed at those who feel ashamed of their voice or who find it difficult to express themselves, either through singing or speaking. The course includes body-voice exercises to help identify shame, work through it and improve the relationship with one’s own voice and self-image. The workshop provides a safe space for working through shame and the embodied process that respects everyone’s experience.

The exercises used in the workshop are based on different body-mind techniques, such as Authentic Voice & Body, TRE (Trauma Releasing Exercise) and Psychophysical Breathing School.

The workshop is held by Iris Seesjärvi, a singer (MM), voice teacher and doctoral researcher and psychophysical breathing school, instructor and Demian Seesjärvi, voice teacher (MM), psychophysical voice therapist and a certified Tre instructor.