Iris Seesjärvi (M.Mus., B.Hum.) is a Finnish voice teacher, soprano, and doctoral researcher. She received her master’s degree from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre Vocal music department in 2017 and her bachelor’s degree in vocal pedagogy from Centria University of Applied Sciences in 2014 Kokkola, Finland. She also completed specialised studies in Opera Performance at the Centria University of Applied Sciences in 2011–2012. Before her music studies, Iris graduated as Bachelor of Human Sciences at the University of Jyväskylä.


Currently Iris is a doctoral researcher at Turku University, Finland, continuing her research on shame and shame-resilience in the career of Finnish classical singers.


As a voice teacher Iris has specialised in vocal shame. Since 2010, she has been doing pioneering work in Finland on vocal shame, which has resulted in both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s thesis (2013 & 2017) on vocal shame among singing students and professional singers. Since 2018, she has developed shame-sensitive practices in singing pedagogy together with her husband, voice teacher Demian Seesjärvi. They have also developed the Silenced by Shame workshop concept for those suffering from vocal shame.

More detailed CV coming soon.